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Opposite to Magarpatta City Main Gate,
Near Sneh Bungalow,
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Jewellery is an accessory for women, which she keeps as a wealth to be used in bad times. In Indian culture jewellery is mandatory and inseparable part of family tradition. It‘s considered as a form of treasure in Indian society.  Jewellery making is an art in Indian communities as every family has their own designs, which they keep as a tradition for generations and all the designs are firmly embellished with the prominent name of area Chandukaka Saraf & Sons Pvt. Ltd. We are the one who forms best and unique designs of jewellery and we are famous for delivering a quality product. The team of professionals which we have in our organization usually selects a perfect piece for each customer according to their desire. We have a range of jewel pieces which our contemporaries don’t have and this selective range makes us more popular. Once if a person has visited us becomes our permanent customer because of the variety we keep in our showroom and which they can’t have at jewellery shop in Magarpatta. When customers come to us and define about their desire, then we for sure have a product to satisfy their desire. It’s our specialty that we keep a stock of products in a wide range such as modern, traditional and classic as well. We do not only stock with three forms of jewels, whereas we keep a vast range of products which are new blended one and mainly in firm demand. We have earned a reputation with firm determination in providing the best quality and satisfactory products to our customers. The main motto of our organization is to facilitate our customers with the best quality products as they consider us a pioneer in selling best jewellery products of all kinds in the industry.

Gold Jewellery Shops in Magarpatta

In Indian families, gold is kept in the form of jewellery, as it’s an asset for a family to be used in bad times. According to tradition, people desire to have unique yet traditional designs in jewellery as they pass it down generation to generation in their family. CS Jewellers has been considered as the acclaimed jewellers in the area as they have a varied range of jewels with themselves as compared to other gold jewellery shops in Magarpatta. We have created trusted in customers by providing a different yet unique design, which they can keep for generations. We have all the jewels in a huge range as gold rings and earrings are a product of daily use, whereas bracelets, bangles, necklaces and other items of jewellery are occasional wear, so we distinguish that with our range. If you have not visited us yet, then pay us a visit and see the products yourself.

Silver Jewellery Shops in Magarpatta

Sterling Silver is now a demanding product of present scenario. It has two reasons, one is the affordability and another is trending. People also prefer to wear silver due to its scientific properties. Jewellery crafting is our specialty as we form a huge range of silver products according to customer demand by keeping the present trend in mind. The silver jewellery shops in Magarpatta provide good quality products, but we specifically provide our customers a solid reason to visit and revisit our jewellery showroom in Magarpatta as the products available at our showroom are authentic even as trendy.

Diamond Jewellery Shops in Magarpatta

Diamond one of the precious and most costly form of jewellery. People have to think multiple times before buying any jewel piece crafted with diamond because the authenticity of the product is a questionable concept. The gemstone jewellers in Magarpatta and diamond jewellery shops in Magarpatta have also listed us as the best for having a good collection of all types of jewels especially gems and diamond jewellery. We have marked ourselves best in the market by providing quality products and services, but we also maintained a healthy competition for contemporaries.