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Gandhi Chowk, Kacheri Road, Baramati - 413102
Dist - Pune
Toll Free : 1800-267-0999


Chandukaka Saraf & Sons Pvt. Ltd. is the best jewellers in Baramati with their uniqueness in style and finishing. We have mastered the art of jewellery making in a way that is incomparable to any of our contemporaries. We provide a blend of modernity with traditions in our jewellery, making it exclusive for you. Being one of the best jewellery shops in Baramati, we understand that our reputation is very important and we take extra care to maintain our reputation. We are a pioneer in selling all types of jewellery with all the accreditations to make sure that it is the best quality.

Gold Jewellery Shops in Baramati

CS Jewellers is one of the highly acclaimed gold jewellery shops in Baramati. We are also a 1 Gram Gold Jewellery Dealers in Baramati so you can totally come to us to buy any kinds of gold jewellery. There is a range of collection in gold earrings, bangles, chains, couple rings, bracelets and much more. You just have to come to our showroom and choose the perfect gold jewellery of your choice.

Silver Jewellery Shops in Baramati

Of course, any jewellery shop is incomplete without its silver jewellery collection. Since silver is known to provide calming effects on the mind and body, we make many different kinds of silver jewellery for you. We have some special silver rings that you can couple up with gemstones to attain its immense benefits. We are very renowned gemstone jewellers in Baramati. So, all the gemstones that we use is highly authentic. We have an image of being the best silver jewellery shops in Baramati and you will understand the reason behind this image when you visit our jewellery showroom in Baramati.

Diamond Jewellery Shops in Baramati

To the surprise of our customers, we are also amongst the few jewellery stores in Baramati with a huge collection of Diamond Jewellery. Our long history of trust remains with us in diamond jewellery as well, making us one of the most trusted Diamond Jewellery shops in Baramati. We have a special section of Diamond jewellery which includes, wedding collection like diamond wedding rings, diamond Mangalsutra collection, diamond studded bangles etc. We also have other types of diamond daily wear collection like diamond earrings, diamond nose studs, etc. We know that diamonds are very special for women so we make all kinds of diamond jewellery that would suit their needs.

We are also jewellery exchange dealers in Baramati so if you want to exchange your old jewellery with us, you can totally rely on getting the best rates. Many times, people tend to lose the real value of their traditional jewellery when they try to exchange it with us, you don’t even have to worry about that. We give the real and true value of every piece of jewellery that you exchange with us.

Being experts in Imitation Jewellery, we are one of its kind imitation jewellery showrooms in Baramati and have been appreciated immensely for it. The best part about imitation jewellery like gold plated, rhodium plated, cubic zirconia jewellery, etc. is that you get the exact replica of highly expensive jewellery but at an extremely affordable price.

Since jewellery is an important part of every woman’s life, we make sure that is it affordable for everyone. Our jewellery showroom in Baramati is open to all the women with all kinds of preferences. We provide an assurance to provide the jewellery of their choice once they enter Chandukaka Saraf & Sons Pvt. Ltd. We are the most trusted name in the area and we are never afraid to walk an extra mile to provide the greatest experience to our customers.