Silver Puja Items

Ganesh Chaturthi is coming soon. So, on this auspicious occasion welcome your dear 'Bappa' with our beautiful & exquisite collection of Silver Puja Ornaments. Explore all Silver Puja Jewellery below.

Ganesh Utsav Special Products

Bhikbali and Bugadi earrings are extremely popular round the year but become a visible hit during Ganesh Utsav, Explore from our latest collection your favorite one.

Bhikbali for Men

Bhikbali for Men - Iconic Ethnic Jewellery

Popular in the Peshwa period, this ornament was originally worn by Brahmin scholars andwas a symbol of knowledge and intelligence. 

Worn on the right ear, a Bhikbali is shaped from two pearls and a small pendant strung on a gold wire. Bhikbali was worn as a symbol of pride and prestige, the word ‘bhik’ doesn’t have an individual meaning in the complete word Bhikbali. 

Over time, the elite class also started wearing the Balis, which set off a trend that is still popular and has transformed this simple ornament into iconic fashion. Bhikbali’s are extremely popular round the year but become a visible hit during Ganesh Utsav, where we can find men indulge in the Ganpati Celebrations with traditional outfits and a Bhikbali proudly pierced in their ear.

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Bugadi Earrings for Women

Bugadi is the jewellery ornament which is worn on helix part of the ear.  This beautiful ear ornament is mainly worn by Maharashtrian as well Northern women. Maharashtrian Bugadi is usually designed with pearls but now in modern times, there is lots of fancy diamond and oxidized bugadi available in beautiful designs.

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Ganesh Pendant

Ganesh Pendants

Ganesh pendants are the most popular ornaments when choosing from religious symbols or medals. The Ganesh pendant is believed to carry a unique significance of its own. Highly worshiped in Hindu religion, Lord Ganesh is considered as the remover of all obstacles, personification of wisdom and the God of success. Scroll within to view a wide collection of Ganesh pendants to choose from. What’s more, FREE delivery is assured for your purchases.

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Silver Puja Items and their Importance in Festivals

Have you ever thought why do we use silver puja items during the puja rituals? Why don’t we opt for some other types of materials for the festive rites? 
To many it has been the traditions associated with the use of silver items compared to other metals. However, there are many scientific and religious reasons. Ancient scriptures advise care while selecting Puja and Aarti utensils and vessels. Religious scriptures advise silver as they are pure metals and should be used for pujas. Not just utensils, even idols made of pure metals are considered very holy.
Key reasons for using silver Items for Puja and Aarti:

Long Life:
The main purpose of buying silver puja items is its durability. Any silver pooja item like karanda, Silver tabak, Ganpathi Agarbatti stand, Silver kalash, Silver plates, panchpatra, devharas, shankadni, palis, ghantis etc. will last for more than 10 years due to their chemical compositions.

Stylish Appearance:
Silver lends a very elegant look to puja items and vessels. It is also very easy to clean and maintain.
Economical Prices:
Its long life and durability also make it an economical option while choosing silver for puja items. 
So this Ganesh Festival, adorn your Ganpati with silver puja jewellery & accessories. At CS Jewellers, we have all the puja and aarti items in several varieties and made in purest quality of silver. Browse through our wide range of silver collections and items in various sizes and designs. You can also purchase it online with absolutely FREE shipping.