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Jewellery is bought from our hard earned money for the special occasions, weddings, gifting, festivals, saving for retirements etc. Your relationship with jewellery is special and unique. So, rather keeping it in lockers, your beloved ornaments are required to be appreciated.

With the Jewelllery Insurance, now there is no reason to fear.


It is a complimentary limited time period Insurance Scheme offering by Chandukaka Saraf & Sons Pvt. Ltd at their all branches specifically for the fresh purchases pertaining to the Gold Jewellery and Diamond Jewellery.
This free insurance scheme will be available Free of cost for the period of One (1) year from the date of purchase of Gold Jewellery and Diamond Jewellery.
Chandukaka Saraf & Sons Pvt. Ltd offers insurance benefits through an all risk policy from India’s leading general insurance company. The insurance is provided to him at the point of sale, soon after his invoice is prepared and it covers his jewellery for a period of 365 days from that moment onwards.
The policy which Chandukaka Saraf & Sons Pvt. Ltd is offering to its customers covers them from losses caused by a host of risks like:
  1. Fire, lightening, flood, hurricane, storm, cyclone, earthquake etc. (natural calamities)
  2. Riot, strike, political and non- political violence, act of terrorism
  3. Burglary /housebreaking
  4. Theft including snatching
  5. Robbery and dacoity
  6. Any damage to jewellery from accident
  7. Loss from any of the above risks while jewellery is in transit within India and accompanied by the insured(your customer)
  8. The cover is applicable even when jewellery is being used by your customer’s immediate family member (blood relation only, not friends) and any of the above losses happen
Kindly refer the accompanied terms & condition documents and "Terms of use" available on website for complete coverage.
The policy which is being offered doesn’t provide cover for following losses:
  1. Loss or damage for which the manufacturer or retailer or repairer is responsible.
  2. Loss or damage from mysterious circumstance/disappearances or unexplained situations
  3. Theft from a vehicle which was left unoccupied
  4. Loss or damage by gross negligence, wilful act or dishonesty of customer
  5. Loss from depreciation, normal wear/tear
  6. Loss from act of enemy, war
  7. Loss from government action like search and seizure
  8. Loss while it was in a bank locker
  9. If the loss is not discovered within 14 days of loss
Kindly refer the accompanied terms & condition documents and "Terms of use" available on website for complete coverage.
The customer shall be receiving his/her insurance activation details through a SMS sent on their registered Mobile Number provided by the customer during invoicing of the jewellery purchased.
For activation of insurance the customer doesn’t have to provide any additional detail; all details of product and customer (his mobile no and email id) is taken from the invoicing system.
Minimum jewellery purchased of valued of and above of Rs. 3000/-(Three Thousand Rupees Only) will be insured. Maximum value of a single piece of jewellery is capped at Rs. 25,00,000/- (Twenty Five Lakhs Rupees Only)
The cover shall be available for all Gold Jewellery and Diamond jewellery
As of now, this insurance covers only the jewellery newly purchased during the period from Chandukaka Saraf and Sons retail branches. Later on, we might start such insurance scheme for old jewellery purchased from our all retail branches.
No, because a separate policy is issued for each piece of jewellery (identified by unique OID)
In event of loss/damage, please contact to insurance helpdesk through email at or through mobile at
+91 9920888308.
  1. Customer needs to approach police station and file a FIR for the loss, within 48 hours of discovering about the loss.
  2. Customer needs to visit this LINK and submit claim by logging into customer section.
  3. in case customer is not internet savvy, they can contact at helpdesk email id or mobile number mentioned above.
Yes. First information report(FIR) is mandatory and has to be submitted at the time of claim registration on this LINK.
  1. within 24 to 48 hours a surveyor shall approach the customer in connection with the claim
  2. the claim passing period is anywhere between 30-60 days depending upon the complexities involved.
  3. Customer needs to provide the original invoice in case of the claim.
No. Claim will be on hold until & unless all the required documents are not received. You will be informed on the missing documents.
The claim could be rejected due to a number of reasons mainly:
  1. Claims emanating from exclusion list
  2. Where the event of loss was not discovered until 14 days of such event happening.
  3. Incorrect details at the time of registration, claim submission and during survey processes
  4. Where the claim is judged by the insurance company as a fraudulent activity or act of dishonesty
  5. Where the claimant hasn't fulfilled the minimum fiduciary duty of tracking the property or haven't attempted recovery at all.